Why to Sell?

Because your clients will love it!

The travel package is designed and led private way for individual clients. It is made for those who like to travel locally but comfortable way.

Experiencing the destinations with a local person who has grown up here means getting the real insights, historically, geographically but also emotionally. Thats the big value this private travel package offers. Combination of several years experience in travel business with individual clients and definition of clients´interests, needs and backgrounds makes the package really tailored just for your clients.

Sell because

Prague and Budapest are great locations many of your clients have not visited yet

I do all the work!

I am professional and service-oriented

You can be sure I will do the maximum for our clients

I have many clients who can confirm I am a solid and reliable business partner

I have 14y experience in travel business and I do care for my clients

Your clients will be well-cared and you will enjoy your holidays!

I do continuous mapping and testing of the local hotels, restarants, cafés, theatres and performances and I keep being independent

If I do not like some restaurants or cafés because of bad service or food, I stop recommending and I stop going there

I email and talk with my clients, we always adjust to their interests and backgrounds or handicaps

I do care for feedback from my clients – I want to know where they liked it and why

I go thru continious education as a local guide and enterprener, I still learn!:)

I love travelling by myself and I see it as a big value and a chance.

I do not hesitate to go the extra mile – that makes clients holidays always more special.

It is designed and led locally by myself and my Hungarian colleague

I am able to solve things locally here in a case of any sudden inconviniece or trouble

Your clients will really get to know the cities and its history

Your clients will have fun in local pubs and cafés

Your clients will love it here!:)

I want to Sell