Why to Buy?

Because you will love it!

The travel package is designed and led private way for individual clients. It is made for those who like to travel locally but comfortable way.

Experiencing the destinations with a local person who has grown up here means getting the real insights, historically, geographically but also emotionally. Thats the big value this private travel package offers. Combination of several years experience in travel business with individual clients and definition of clients´interests, needs and backgrounds makes the package really tailored just for you.

Buy because

You will get a great week getaway in wonderful locations in Europe!

You can save your time and let my local service search you the best options and places to visit

It will be designed just for you!

You will get the top service & care!

Prague and Budapest are inexpensive locations in Europe

You will enjoy your holidays!

You will really feel & experience the history and architecture of the cities

It is designed and led locally

You will get the best recommendations for restaurants and cafés

You will get a local guide-service

You will stay in very nice comfortable local hotels (4* hotel) (upon your interest)

You will have fun in local pubs and cafés

You will get to see the local cultural event such as an opera, concert or a theatre

You will love it here!:)

I want to Buy