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My story

I was born under the communist regime in 1980 and I knew that my uncle Andrew had emigrated to the United States from my granny. I went with my family to meet him in Budapest, Hungary in 1985. It was an extremely emotional and hugely memorable day which affected my life!

I was only 5 years old, and was with my parents, cousins, their parents and grandmother. We also met up with our Hungarian relatives and my uncle Andrew with his beautiful American wife Lina.

I felt it was a big pity I couldn't understand the language Lina spoke and she also used a special liquid make­up my mum and aunts found to be real proof that capitalism offered a a higher quality of life than communism...

The Velvet Revolution came to Czechoslovakia some years later heralding the end of communism in my country. My class at school did not have Russian as a compulsory subject at last! So naturally I started learning English!

After learning the basics, I starting gaining pen­friends and soon I started making good friends like Virginie in Brussels, Mojca in Slovenia, Natasha in Switzerland, Dan in England, Lauren in Australia, Em in Italy, Christos in Greece...for me it was just so amazing.

They are still good friends even to this day! As teenagers we talked about our lives back then during an exciting time.

Virginie was the first one who found the courage to come to the post­communist Czech Republic in 1995.

The first places I visited were the homes of my friends: Brussels has their Oomegang National Day and of course the best ever praline shop which Virginie ́s family had been going for a long time, Mojcás and restaurant where I ate great food including their prosciutto ham which was the best ever, and super gelato in Milan which Em and her boyfriend Andrea bought for me! Many of my friends travelled too but it seemed to me that they went to different countries to me.

It was then that I realised there's 'travel' and then there's TRAVEL.

Thanks to my parents and granny's outlook I really got to experience different places in a deeper way. This was something I started to at first offer my pen­friends, too.

This therefore is something I would like you to experience, too.

  • I get really personally involved as I have always been.
  • I am not objective.
  • I cannot be.
  • I am a local.

I want to show you our cities the same way that Virginie, Mojca, Natasha, Dan and others did for me.

This is how I work.

My core values are:

  • Personal touch
  • Going the extra mile
  • Local knowledge & trustworthy reliability.

I sincerely hope you enjoy YOUR travels!


P.S. I got a Minnie Mouse T­Shirt in Budapest 85́. I was the only one in our street who had one so it made me a star! :)